License agreement for Z-Rietveld
Z-Rietveld is supplied to you under the following conditions;
1) Referring the name Z-Rietveld with version number is required in publication.
Tentatively, the following papers should be cited:
R. Oishi, M. Yonemura, Y. Nishimaki, S. Torii, A. Hoshikawa, T. Ishigaki, T. Morishima, K. Mori and T. Kamiyama, Rietveld analysis software for J-PARC,
Nuclear Instruments and Methods A600, 94–96 (2009).

R. Oishi-Tomiyasu, M. Yonemura, T. Morishima, A. Hoshikawa, S. Torii, T. Ishigaki, T. Kamiyama
Application of matrix decomposition algorithms for singular matrices to the Pawley method in Z-Rietveld
J. Appl. Cryst. (2012). 45, 299–308

Since Z-Rietveld is improved and updated frequently, the expiration date is set. Close contact between users and instrument contact persons is indispensible. The latest version is recommended.
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Privacy Policy
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Personal data acquired through this registration will be used only for the following purposes:
1) Inform updated version, and/or Bug report, new software distribution announcements. Personal data will be transferred to Japan, and stored in KEK’s server in Japan. KEK will manage personal data of the respondents in an appropriate manner.
A respondent has the right to require KEK the access to his/her own personal data, correction of his/her incorrect data, and restriction to data processing during the verification of the correctness of personal data. For inquiries, please contact, the structure science group of KEK/J-PARC responsible for this registration.

If you are unsatisfied with the handling of personal data by KEK, you are entitled to file a complaint with the supervisory organization of your country.
The respondent has the right to withdraw this agreement at any time, and such withdrawal has no impact on the legality of data processing procedures and/or data transfer, both conducted before the withdrawal.
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